Linden Blossom Absolute Oil Dilution 5ml (0.17 fl.ozs) / Origin: France

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Botanical Name: Tilia Vulgaris/Tilia Cordata

Origin: France

Used in Perfumery and Aromatherapy

The Lime tree (genus Tilia and not related to the Lime fruit tree) is also known as a Linden Tree. It can grow 130 feet tall and lives on average 500 years.

There is a Tilia cordata at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire England is said to be 2,000 years old. A 900-year-old Linden tree that was planted by Empress Cunigundi, wife of Henry II of Germany, stands at the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg.

Linden blossom flowers are useful in herbalism and when made into an absolute produces a unique natural perfume. It is a honey coloured oil with rich floral and citrus notes .(beware synthetic imitations).

In Celtic times right up to the middle ages, the Linden tree was considered sacred and it was common for judicial cases to be heard while the court sat under a Linden tree as it was said to inspire fairness and justice. Linden trees were planted by royal decree along many roads to ensure that the harvest of its flowers was plentiful, as it was used a lot for its medicinal properties. In folklore, because of its heart-shaped leaves the Linden tree (tilleul) was dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love

The dilution is at 10% in a Jojoba and Vitamin E base which helps to preserve the oil. Being quite strong it can be diluted further if necessary and can be used straight on the skin however a patch test is always recommended to see if your skin is sensitive to the product.


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