Gardenia Absolute Oil Dilution 10ml (0.35 fl.ozs)

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Botanical/INCI Name: Gardenia grandiflora

Origin: China

Uses: Aromatherapy, Perfumery

Gardenia is a decorative bush, bearing fragrant white flowers . It produces a rich, warm, earthy red floral- fruity oil with an exquisite scent which has floral compounds containing a top, middle and base note. This absolute contains natural extract of the Gardenia flowers (beware synthetic imitations).

Gardenia blends well with Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, Spice and Citrus oils.

Uses:  Because of its sweet floral scent, it is widely used in perfumery. It is also perfect for aromatherapy and skin care applications.

For External Use Only

The dilution is at 10% in a Jojoba and Vitamin E base which helps to preserve the oil. Being quite strong it can be diluted further if necessary and can be used straight on the skin however a patch test is always recommended to see if your skin is sensitive to the product.

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