Aromatherapy 24 Kit (choose your own rare and exotic dilutions 10ml bottles )

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This unique and Special Aromatherapy Kit would make a great gift or could be excellent for a practising Aromatherapist or natural perfumer blending different formulations. 

It consists of the following items ;
1 x 24 Hole Pine Wood Aromatherapy Box with dove tail joints & quality metal hinges
24 x 10ml rare and exotic essential oil dilutions 
1 x 100ml free bottle of organic Jojoba Oil
Just peruse the extensive list below (10ml size  bottle and each has an inbuilt dropper & tamper evident cap ) and let me know by email which items you prefer to be included in the kit.
Choose any 24 x 10ml dilutions from the following prepared to order list . (@5-10% pure oil in a Jojoba and Vitamin E base so can be used straight on the skin). Jojoba and Vitamin E is used as a base as it will not go rancid as other carrier oils would. An Aromatherapy kit like this will save a lot of money as buying these items separately would cost far more.
Australian Balm Mint Bush  Origin Australia
Cape Chamomile  Origin South Africa
Hinoki Wood Origin Japan
Chamomile Roman Origin Southern Europe
Chamomile English Origin England
Cognac Oil Origin France
Cassie Sweet Origin India
Fragonia Origin Australia
Hyacinth Absolute Origin France
Kewra Flower Origin India
Manuka Origin New Zealand
Nerolina Origin Australia
Kapur Kachari Origin India
Blue Lotus Absolute Origin North & Central Africa
Ravensara Wild Origin Madagascar
Bay Leaf Origin West Indies
Frangipani Origin India
Vanilla Extract Oil Origin India
Spikenard Origin Nepal
Spruce Hemlock Origin Canada
Vetiver Origin India
Agarwood Origin Indonesia
Rose Absolute Origin Morocco
Sandalwood Origin India
Kunzea White Cloud Origin Australia
Jasmine Grandi Origin India
Orris Root Origin France
Fenugreek Origin India
Carnation Absolute Origin France
Lavender English Origin England
Hop Oil Origin England
Frankincense Origin India
Labdanum Origin Spain
Linden Blossom Absolute Origin France
White Lotus Origin India
Wild Red Thyme Origin France
Damiana Origin USA
Siberian Fir Origin Siberia
Nana Mint Origin Morocco
Helichrysum Origin East Europe
Rose Otto Origin Bulgaria
Violet Leaf Absolute Origin Egypt
Carrot Seed Origin India
Celery Origin Hungary
Champaca Leaf Origin India
Michelia Alba Origin China
Gardenia Absolute Origin China
Neroli Origin Italy
Oppopanax Oil Origin Somalia
As this item is prepared to order please allow a few days for delivery . A patch test is always advised to see if your skin is sensitive to the products.
Will ship worldwide


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