Aromatherapy 12 Kit (Choose your own 12 x 10ml Rare and Exotic Essential/Absolute Oil Dilutions)

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This unique and special Aromatherapy Kit would make a great gift or could be extremely useful for a practising Aromatherapist or Natural Perfumer blending different formulations.

It consists of the following items ;
1 x 12 hole Pine Wood Aromatherapy Box with dovetail joints & quality metal hinges
12 x 10ml Rare and Exotic Essential Oil Dilutions (supplied in a 10ml glass bottle with inbuilt dropper and tamper evident cap)
1 x 100ml bottle of organic Jojoba Oil
Please select 12 oils from the list below and let us know your choice by email.

For External Use Only

The dilution is between 5-10% pure Absolute/Essential oil in a base of Organic Grapeseed Oil and Natural Vitamin E Oil. Being quite strong it can be diluted further if necessary and can be used straight on the skin however a patch test is always recommended to see if your skin is sensitive to the product. Supplied in a glass bottle with inbuilt dropper and tamper evident cap.

As this item is prepared to order please allow a few days for delivery

Agarwood (Origin: Indonesia)
Balm Mint Bush  (Origin: Australia)
Bay Leaf (Origin: West Indies)
Blue Lotus Absolute (Origin: North & Central Africa)
Cape Chamomile  (Origin: South Africa)
Carnation Absolute (Origin: France)
Carrot Seed (Origin: India)
Cassie Flower (Origin: India)
Celery (Origin: Hungary)
Chamomile Roman (Origin: Southern Europe)
Chamomile (Origin: England)
Champaca Leaf (Origin: India)
Cognac (Origin: France)
Damiana (Origin: USA)
Fenugreek (Origin: India)
Fragonia (Origin: Australia)
Frangipani (Origin: India)
Frankincense (Origin: India)
Gardenia Absolute (Origin: China)
Helichrysum (Origin: Eastern Europe)
Hinoki Wood (Origin: Japan)
Hop (Origin: England)
Hyacinth Absolute (Origin: France)
Jasmine Grandi (Origin: India)
Kapur Kachari (Origin: India)
Kewra Flower (Origin: India)
Kunzea White Cloud (Origin: Australia)
Labdanum (Origin: Spain)
Lavender (Origin: England)
Linden Blossom Absolute (Origin: France)
Manuka (Origin: New Zealand)
Michelia Alba (Origin: China)
Nana Mint (Origin: Morocco)
Neroli (Origin: Italy)
Nerolina (Origin: Australia)
Opopanax (Origin: Somalia)
Orris Root (Origin: France)
Ravensara Wild (Origin: Madagascar)
Red Thyme Wild (Origin: France)
Rose Absolute (Origin: Morocco)
Rose Otto (Origin: Bulgaria)
Sandalwood (Origin: India)
Siberian Fir (Origin: Siberia)
Spikenard (Origin: Nepal)
Spruce Hemlock (Origin: Canada)
Vanilla Extract (Origin: India)
Vetiver (Origin: India)
Violet Leaf Absolute (Origin: Egypt)
White Lotus (Origin: India)


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