Vanilla Extract Oil 10ml (0.35 fl.ozs)

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Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia. Plant Part: Fruit, bean. Extraction Method: solvent extraction. Origin: India. Vanilla is a perennial herbaceous climbing vine that can grow up to 25 metres (82 feet) high and that is native to Central America and Mexico. In cultivation the deep trumpet-shaped flowers of the Vanilla must be hand-pollinated; while in Mexico the native humming bird does the work. The green capsules or fruit are picked, cured and the immature Vanilla pod or bean is fermented and dried to turn it into a fragrant brown vanilla bean. This oil is clear and has a strong vanilla aroma. For external cosmetic use only. COA and MSDS documents available on request. Dilution with a carrier oil is recommended before using straight on the skin.

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