Bergamot Pure Essential Oil-10ml

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Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia Plant Part: Crude Fruit peel Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Origin: Italy Grown in Italy, Bergamot oil is named after the Italian city of Bergamo in Lombardy, where the first oil was sold. The oil has been used in Italian Folk medicine for many years. Bergamot oil consists of a greenish-yellow tint, accompanied with a fresh, sweet, and slightly spicy- balsamic undertone. Upon ageing, it turns a brownish-olive colour. Uplifting with its deliciously fresh and invigorating citrus aroma, . Bergamot blends well with Lavender, Neroli, Jasmine, Cypress, Geranium, Lemon, Chamomile, and Coriander oils. Caution: Do not apply to the skin before going out into the sun as this may increase the susceptibility of sunburn.

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