Papyrus Pure Essential Oil 5ml

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Papyrus Essential  5ml Origin India Colour: Clear .


Cyperus also know as papyrus sedge, paper reed, Indian matting plant, Nagarmotha, Nile grass is a species of aquatic flowering plants belonging to the sedge family Cyperaceae. It is native to Africa also India and forms tall stands of reed-like swamp vegetation in shallow water. Papyrus sedge has a very long history of use by man, notably by the Ancient Egyptians as it is the source of papyrus paper, one of the first types of paper ever made. The highly buoyant stems can be made into boats. It is now often cultivated as an ornamental plant. In nature, it grows in full sun, in flooded swamps, and on lake margins throughout Africa, Madagascar, and the Mediterranean countries. This rare and extremely hard to find essential oil is a natural product produced from the  plant itself and has a unique woodsy, mossy like scent. A must have for blenders and perfumers who like to experiment with new and exciting aromas or to create a new nature inspired cosmetic preparation. For External cosmetic use only.

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