Stinging Nettle Leaf Absolute Oil – Herbaceous Green Notes (Origin: France)

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This is a rare and highly sought after oil and stocks are limited. It is advisable to try the 1ml sample first before buying larger amounts as the product can not be returned for a refund.

Stinging Nettle Leaf Pure Absolute
Botanical Name – Urtica dioica
Origin – France
CAS number – 84012-40-8
EINECS Number -:281-685-5
Part Used – The leaves of Urtica dioica (We also sell the absolute extracted from the roots)
Extraction Method – Solvent Extraction
Growing Conditions – Grown on unpolluted sustainable land.
Appearance – Dark Brown/Green viscous pourable liquid (Warm gently before use)
Note – Base Notes

Urtica dioica is abundant in northern Europe and much of Asia, usually found in the countryside. It is less widespread in southern Europe and north Africa, where it is restricted by its need for moist soil, but is still common. In North America, it is widely distributed in Canada and the USA, where it is found in every province and state except for Hawaii and also can be found in northernmost Mexico. It grows in abundance in the Pacific North West, especially in places where annual rainfall is high. The European subspecies has been introduced into North America and South America.

This rare and extremely hard to find absolute is a natural material produced in France from stinging nettle leaves. The oil is solvent extracted to get the truest representation of the plant. If cold the absolute needs to be warmed gently beside a radiator before use and is a viscous but pourable liquid.

It has a clean fragrant, herb like scent which is reminiscent of summer flower meadows . A must have for blenders and perfumers who like to experiment with new and exciting aromas or to create a new nature inspired cosmetic preparation.

Pure Absolutes and Essential Oils should always be diluted before use

A patch test is always recommended before use to see if your skin is sensitive to the product

For External Cosmetic Use Only

Avoid using all Absolutes if pregnant or nursing.

Available in 1ml sample, 5ml and 10ml sizes

The Iml sample is supplied in a clear heavy white flint glass bottle with polycone sealed cap which is ideal for testing the contents prior to buying the larger sizes.
The 5ml and 10ml supplied in amber glass bottles with inbuilt dropper and tamper evident cap.

The Certificate of Analysis is available for this product on request

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