Frangipani Pure Absolute 5ml

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Pure Frangipani Oil 5ml Botanical Name : Plumeria alba. Origin India. Description: Frangipani Absolute Oil is extracted  from white delicate fragrant frangipani flowers, the flowers are often worn in the hair in S. India. A truly romantic flower. This rich, heady, exotic oil has a deep expansive quality which encourages a sensual, almost provacative response. It is thought to restore inner peace and harmony which guides one to honour the sacred in intimacy. Frangipani’s nature is to remind us of the beauty of our soul’s infinite journey. USES Owing to its rich, exotic and sensual fragrance, it is widely used in perfumery and finds usage in night creams or lotions and other preparations, as well as deep cleansing lotions. BLENDS WITH: It mixes well with fragonia and many other oils Historical Background Magic & Lore: Frangipani is known as the Tree of Life in India. A branch cut from the tree will continue to blossom, as if representing our souls infinite connection to the Divine. Frangipani was a favourite flower of Lord Krishna Certificate of Analysis available on request.

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