Shamama Fragrant Oil 5ml @ 5% dilution in Jojoba and Vitamin E base

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There is an aura of mystery surrounding the Indian perfume known as Hina or Shamama. It is a rich, deep and intensely oriental fragrance much prized in India and the Middle East but relatively little known in the West. Knowledge of the Shamama making process is a carefully guarded secret and has been portrayed, at best, as one in which a number of aromatic herbs, spices, roots, seeds, etc. have been combined and hyrdodistilled to produce the characteristically potent oriental fragrance. This rich and exotic blend which has a note of Musk & Agarwood is suitable for both men or women and is ready to use without dilution or can be diluted or blended further if preferred. Please note that no animal musk is used in this product. For External Use Only