Jasmine Attar 5ml (Pure)

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Pure Jasmine Attar (Natural Perfume) 5ml

Origin India

This is an authentic Indian Jasmine Attar. It has a rich sweet fragrance of steam distilled Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers blended with Indian Sandalwood.

What is an Attar?

Attar is a Persian word meaning fragrance, or essence, and is used to describe both the manufacture and application of these natural oils. Attars are derived from plant extracts and have a range of rich scents. Although attars are simply individual oils, others may be composed of careful blends of various oils, resins and concentrates (two or more) and placed in a natural base oil. Attars include some individual essential oils, suitable for fragrance such as sandalwood, amber and patchouli. Sandalwood is both – an attar (used for its aroma) and an essential oil. Attars can be blends of multiple oils, sometimes as many as 30-40 are blended together (a secret that many Attar-making families hold dear and which is handed down through the generations).

For External Use only.

Supplied in a glass bottle with dropper and tamper evident cap.

A patch is always advised before use to see if your skin is sensitive to the product


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