Firdous Attar 5ml / Pure Natural Perfume Oil

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Country of Origin : Northern India Uses: Aromatherapy , Perfumery Firdous Attar derives its name from an Arabic term ‘Jannatul Firdaus’ meaning Highest Paradise. It is made from natural extracts of flowers and other essential oils resulting in a wild and musky natural fragrance which is truly captivating. How is an Attar Made Indian Attars are made from fresh flower petals distilled in water by low heat and pressure. Some of them also include exotic spices, woods and resins. After a certain time period, this steam by distillation comprising the natural plant oils, is put into a container sometimes along with mild sandalwood oil depending on which natural perfume it will be. Then the oils completely blend with the fragrance of the flowers producing an amazing and unique natural Attar which is alcohol free and does not contain any preservatives or harmful chemical additives. Can be used straight on the skin or diluted with a carrier oil. A patch test is always recommended to see if your skin is sensitive to the product. Contained in an amber glass bottle with inbuilt dropper and tamper evident cap. See our Shop Pages for more information on Attars. Please note no animal products are used in this item See our complete range of natural Attars of which there are many.

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