Witch Hazel Floral Water

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Witch Hazel Floral Water

Formed from the distillation of the plant parts of the Witch Hazel shrub, (Hamamelis)

*Please note that this product is NOT the same as Distilled Witch Hazel

Floral waters can be used for a number of reasons:-

to calm, cool, tone and soothe all skin types, (including sensitive or problematic)

for treating spots, cuts, grazes and new piercings

to add to a relaxing hot bath

as a facial mist/spritz

For External Use only (Do not consume)

Shake well before use

Store in a cool dry area (out of direct sunlight)

A patch test is advised before using to see if your skin is sensitive to the product

Use within 6 months of opening

Available in 100ml and 250ml sizes

100ml supplied in an amber PET bottle with screw cap (foil sealed)

250ml supplied in a frosted bottle with screw cap (foil sealed)



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