Solid Cocoa Butter Chips 300g

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Solid Cocoa Butter Chips 300g

Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao.

Cocoa butter (also known as cacao butter) is the natural cream coloured vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans during the process of separating the powder and liquor from the bean. 70% of the worlds production of cocoa butter is produced in the West African nations Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast. Cocoa butter has a soft, sweet cocoa aroma, and is one of the most stable fats known. It has a melting point of around 34 to 38 degrees C rendering it a solid at room temperature but it melts easily. 


Supplied in a sturdy white plastic tub with airtight screw cap to keep the product fresh

This product has not been tested on animals

Keep away from eyes and out of reach of children

A patch test is always advised before use to see if your skin is sensitive to the product

Store in a cool dry area (out of direct sunlight)

Use within 6 months of opening

For External Use only (Do NOT consume)

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