Pure Absolutes / Perfumery

Please note if buying large quantities of this item we advise purchasing a 1ml sample first (where available) to ensure that you are happy with the product as we do not refund opened items due to contamination issues.

Used in Perfumery and Aromatherapy.

Absolutes are similar to but stronger than Essential oils. They are concentrated, highly aromatic and extracted from plants. They can be blended or used in other preparations and perfumes

Whereas Essential oils are produced by distillation, boiling or pressing, Absolutes are produced through solvent extraction, or more traditionally, through enfleurage.

They are usually much more expensive then Essential oils and a little oil can go a long way.

Absolutes should always be diluted with a carrier oil before using on the skin. A patch test is always recommended before use to see if your skin is sensitive to the product.

For External Cosmetic Use only

Certificate of Analysis and MSDS are available on request

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

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